Sunday, January 13, 2008

Class Schedule

Swan Ashby
English 116-25
Spring 2008
MW 12:00-1:15
Room 431
Mailbox: Room 430J

*All scheduled tasks are subject to change according to time or other constraints.

Week 1

1/14: Introduction, discuss syllabus, objective of class, in-class writing activity
HW: Read: Thinking Critically 1-14; complete Thinking Activity 1.2 (1 ½ pages double spaced, 1 inch margins)
Read “Araby” Reading Selections p 29-34

1/16: Quiz, discuss readings
HW: Read: Thinking Critically 15-35
Read: “Hills Like White Elephants” Selections 45-49
Read “About Men” Selections 281-286

Journal: Thinking Critically “Questions for Analysis” #4, p.35 (one full page)

Week 2

1/21: NO CLASS
HW: Read: Thinking Critically 36-48
Read: “Abortion” Selections 253-255

1/23: Quiz, discuss readings, begin Exemplification
HW: Read: Thinking Critically 49-76; complete Question for Analysis #3, p 76 (1 ½ pages double spaced, one inch margins)
Read: “The Things They Carried” Selections 155-170
Choose Topic for Exemplification essay

Journal: Reading Selections “Writing Suggestions” #3 OR #4 p. 256 (one full page)

Week 3

1/28: Continue Exemplification
HW: Read Thinking Critically 109-119
Read “Sweat” Selections143-153
Do TWO prewriting activities for Exemplification Essay

1/30: Quiz, discuss readings
HW: Read: Thinking Critically 120-140; complete Thinking Activity 4.7 p. 136
Read: “Rappaccini’s Daughter” Selections 114-125
Draft TWO pages of Exemplification essay

Journal: Use the general principle “love and power are often in conflict” as a thesis statement and write a short exemplification essay using several examples from “Rappaccini’s Daughter” for support.

Week 4

2/5: Workshop, continue Exemplification
HW: Read: Thinking Critically 141-154
Read: “Rappaccini’s Daughter 126-140
Revise and complete FULL draft of Exemplification

2/7: Quiz, discuss readings, workshop
HW: Read The Vagina Monologues Foreword, Introduction, and 3-21
Revise, proofread, and edit Exemplification

Journal: Write a page on what you think the purpose is of reading The Vagina Monologues. Use
references from the text to support your reasoning

Week 5

2/11: Exemplification Essay Due
Begin Comparison Contrast
HW: Read: The Vagina Monologues 23-58
Read: Thinking Critically 155-164
Choose topic for Comparison Contrast

2/13: Quiz, discuss readings, continue comparison contrast
HW: Read The Vagina Monologues 59-104; write 1 ½ pages (double spaced, 1 inch margins) stating why or why not The Vagina Monologues should be included in college reading. Within your writing, include: What is your reaction to the readings? Have your perceptions about women, sex, vaginas, etc. changed? Did you have any strong emotional reactions? What were those reactions? During your reading, did you ever have to stop reading due to being overwhelmed? If so, at what point in the text did that happen?
Read Thinking Critically 165-173
Do dividing and listing prewriting activity for Comparison Contrast essay (at least ¾ page)

Journal: Thinking Critically Thinking Activity 5.5 p. 173

Week 6

2/18: NO CLASS
HW: Read: Critical Thinking 175-188
Read The Vagina Monologues 105-144
Read: “Sex Lies and Conversation,” Selections 261-268

2/20: Quiz, discuss readings, outlining of comparison contrast
HW: Read Death in Venice, Selections 53-57
Write 1 ½ pages (double spaced, one inch margins) on Thinking Critically “Questions for Analysis” #5 p. 189
Create outline for comparison contrast essay

Journal: Write one page on the question: How much does a man’s professional position determine his overall identity? Answer the same question in relation to women, and compare and contrast the two.

Week 7

2/25: Continue comparison contrast
HW: Read: Thinking Critically 77-88
Read: Death in Venice Selections 58-63
Draft TWO pages of comparison contrast essay

2/27: Quiz, workshop, discuss readings
HW: Read Thinking Critically 89-101, complete Thinking Activity 3.2 p. 101
Read Death in Venice Selections 64-85 (chapter 3)
Revise comparison contrast and finish THREE full pages

Journal: Write a one-page analysis using the following questions as your basis: So far, what problem/s have you identified in Death in Venice? Is the protagonist aware of the problem? What alternatives are there?

Week 8

3/3: Workshop, discussion
HW: Read Thinking Critically 102-107
Read Death in Venice Selections 86-94 (chapter 4)
Revise and finish FULL draft of comparison contrast

3/5: Quiz, workshop, discuss readings
HW: Read Death in Venice Selections 95-114, write a 1 ½ page plot summary
Revise, proofread, and edit comparison contrast

Journal: Thinking Critically “Thinking Passage” p. 105

Week 9

3/11: Comparison Contrast Essay due, review for mid term, discussion
HW: Read Thinking Critically 190-196

3/13: Journals DUE

No Journal Assignment

Week 10

Week 11

3/25: Begin cause and effect, discuss argumentation
HW: Read Thinking Critically 197-214, 236-247
Read “Trifles” Selections 173-183
Choose topic for Cause and Effect and do clustering prewriting activity

3/27: Quiz, discuss readings, continue cause and effect
HW: Read Thinking Critically 215-225, complete Questions for Analysis #4 p. 225
Read “A Doll’s House” Selections 201-221
Outline Cause and Effect

Journal: Write one page based on the following questions: In the play “Trifles”, what evidence do the women find in the farmhouse? What inference does the evidence lead to? Why does the author make the women find the evidence? Why don’t the men find any evidence? Why don’t the women come forward with the evidence?

Week 12

3/31: NO CLASS

4/2: Quiz, discuss readings, continue cause and effect and argumentation
HW: Read Thinking Critically 226-235, complete Thinking Activity 7.1 p. 231
Read “A Doll’s House” Selections 222-237
Draft TWO PAGES of Cause and Effect

Journal: Identify two problems in A Doll’s House. What are the problems? What are the alternatives? What are the possible solutions? What solutions do the characters involved want?

Week 13

4/7: Discuss “A Doll’s House”, workshop
HW: Read Thinking Critically 247-257
Read “A Doll’s House” Selections 238-252
Revise, FINISH drafting cause and effect

4/9: Quiz, workshop
HW: Read Thinking Critically 258-274, complete “Questions for Analysis” #2 OR #3 p. 273 (1 ½ pages double spaced, 1-inch margins)
Read “Why I Want a Wife” Selections 257-259

Journal: Through the play A Doll’s House, what argument could Henrik Ibsen be making about gender roles? What assumptions does he make about his readers? What in the play gives you clues to his assumptions? How does the character Nora represent women and their gender roles?

Week 14

4/14: Cause and Effect essays due
Begin research and argumentation
Read “Gender Identity” Selections 293-297
Choose topic for research/argumentation essay

4/16: Quiz, discuss readings, continue research and argumentation
Read “Fatherless America” Selections 287-291, complete “Writing Suggestions” #1 p. 292
Do TWO prewriting activities for R/A essay

Week 15

4/21: Continue research and argumentation
HW: Read Thinking Critically 275-281
Read “The Beauty Myth” Selections 269-278
Begin outline for R/A essay (one page)

4/23: Quiz, discuss readings, workshop outline
HW: Read Thinking Critically 282-286
Read “Metaphors” Selections 19
Finish FULL outline of R/A essay

Journal: Critical Thinking “Thinking Activity” 8.4 p. 286 (The first two steps should be the journal entry)

Week 16

4/28: Continue research and argumentation, workshop outline
HW: Read “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers” Selections 1
Draft thesis and three paragraphs of R/A essay

4/30: Quiz, discuss readings, workshop
HW: Read Thinking Critically 287-290; write 1 ½ pages based on Thinking Activity 8.5 p. 290
Read “Cinderella” Selections 3-5
Draft two pages of R/A essay

Journal: Write a page about what “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers” says about marriage. Analyze the lines of the poem and quote them in your journal entry.

Week 17

5/5: Journals Due
Workshop, discussion
HW: Read Thinking Critically 291-297
Read “Arm Wrestling With My Father” Selections 9-13
Revise, finish FOUR pages of R/A essay

5/7: Quiz, Workshop, discussion
HW: Read Thinking Critically 298-309
Read Selections 15-17
Revise, Finish FULL draft of R/A essay

Journal: Thinking Critically Questions for Analysis #1 p. 310

Week 18

5/12: Workshop
HW: Read Selections 27

5/14: R/A essays due, discussion, review for final
HW: Review for final

Final exam: Monday, May 19 1-3 p.m.

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