Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Make Up Quiz

1. According to Thinking Critically, what is the method for achieving short-term goals?
2. In Chapter 2 of Thinking Critically, what is a quality of a critical thinker? (Your answer must be one from the text)
3. What is synthesis in the critical thinking process?
4. When you are perceiving sensations, what three activities are your engage in (chapter 4 Thinking Critically)
5. In "Araby" where did the narrator want to go?
6. Name one thing the soldiers carried in "The Things They Carried"
7. What kills Sykes in "Sweat"?
8. Do you think the couple has the abortion in "Hills Like White Elephants"? Why or why not?
9. Who gives Giovanni the antidote in Rappaccini's Daughter?
10. What is the last Vagina Monologue about?

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